IN THE PRESS – SISTER Studios interviewed by Oyster Magazine
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IN THE PRESS – SISTER Studios interviewed by Oyster Magazine

Melbourne Label Sisters Studios Makes Retro-Fab Clothes For The Ladies

by Lucy Jones for Oyster Magazine
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Melbourne-based mates Alice and Emma recently started channeling their sewing skills into a label called Sister Studios. Their 70s-style jackets and sweet ruffled tops proved v popular on the internet, prompting them to make things official by launching SS. Now one year old, the label is still pumping out retro-fab clothes that we really need in our lives.

The duo's SS17 range takes things to a très cute place with ultra femme off-the-shoulder dresses and side-tie tops executed in a range of pastel colours. Alice and Emma just teamed up with other lovely Melbourne lady Freya Esders to capture the collection in all its girly glory. The campaign images and video will literally take you to France with their nods to New Wave cinema and the importance of (quite literally) letting your hair down. 

We're very happy to be premiering the beaut video and images here today. To celebrate, we had a chat with SS about Melbourne's creative community, success on the internet and psychic rainbow dolphins.

Lucy Jones: Who is Sisters Studios? 

Alice & Emma: We are Emma and Alice, best friends that could be doing anything together, but it just turned out to be clothing. We make clothes in Melbourne for all the sisters to wear. 

How did you guys initially meet?
Emma: At a friends club night called 'Kids Who Speak No Words' in the city in 2008, Al was 16 with blue hair and I was 18 with a nose ring.
Alice: Yeah I was in high school but I would ride the bus and train for 1.5 hours to the city on weekends to go out and make all these hip older friends like Emma.

Can you describe the vibe of this collection in a sentence?
Both: Sun drenched 70s fem.

How did Sisters Studio start out?
Both: We began very organically, originally sewing for ourselves and then for others. Sewing was fun pocket money that we turned out to enjoy and start taking seriously. We owe so much to friends who provided support by helping us sew, shoot the first lookbook and make our website. Everyone helped us to get a head start.

What are you most excited about at the moment?
Emma: Finishing my teaching degree in a couple of weeks and getting back to working on SISTER from the studio with Alice. Also working towards our pop up in December.
Alice: Yeah, our pop up is before Christmas for a couple of weeks. We are going to have our summer collection, a small runs of garments, collaborations, live music, palm readings, croissants and cappuccinos.

How did the creative community down there help with getting the brand off the ground?
Both: They were everything! We are so lucky to be part of a community of friends of photographers, artists, pattern makers and designers, who all contributed something. When people congratulate us on the label it's really hard to take credit because it was such a collaborative effort from all our friends!

How did you come to work with Freya on the campaign?
Both: Freya is a dear friend of ours with amazingly bold visions and direction. We've loved seeing Freya's photography grow, and her understanding of our intentions — combined with her knowledge of film, art and fashion — meant it made sense for us to collaborate on this special campaign.

The film is so cute! how did you settle on that concept?
Both: FREYA. Freya's deep love for French New Wave cinema combined seamlessly with our early Jane Birkin-inspired collection.

If the collection was a food: 
Both: An antipasto platter or some sort of profiterole.

If the collection was a movie:
Both: Daisies by Věra Chytilová

If the collection was a song:
Both: 'Paradise' — Sade

What's your idea of utopia? 
Both: Tropical island, seafood meals, crisp stiff drinks.

Has the internet played a big role your in your success as a label?
Emma: Without a doubt, we have been able to connect to people and make things happen all because of the internet. Our label was built on selling through social media before an official website. 
Alice: Also, the way small labels like ours can market themselves on the internet makes everyone appear more legitimate than they really are. Smoke and mirrors forever! ;)

Best thing on the internet?
Emma: Any sort of funny animal meme.
Alice: Photos from the international space station.

Words to live by:
Both: Psychic rainbow dolphin.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Both: A mermaid doula.

Photography & Videography: Freya Esders

Lucy Jones


SISTER 'Jane' Dress
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